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/ October_2014

Bzenia Winery

Visual identity and website with augmented reality

Situated in the centre of the Moravian Slovakia region of the Czech Republic where nature is pure and tranquil, Bzenec is famous for local wine growing tradition stretching back to the past.

Visually simple and typography-based, yet rather unconventional approach in which vertical orientation of the label makes it easier to read the label when the bottle is stored on its side. Surprisingly enough very few wineries respect the fact that if bottles are stored upright for a long amount of time, the corks will dry out, and air will eventually get to the wine, spoiling it.

Concept based on the visual motif of sine curve, an oscillating representation of each bottle's taste, smell and colour. The curve — resembling both the wine's surface when twirled in a glass, and a hilly vineyard — was then implemented into the following: the logo, the new website, a promotional video, stationery, and catalogues promoting company's wine in China. The icing on the cake was the augmented reality feature, which we nicknamed "your personal sommelier". The customer could, using the augmented reality app Layar, point their smart phone at the label to view a short video showing the winery owner sharing interesting trivia about each bottle’s contents.

I was involved in the project as part of my work with Little Greta.

  • Juraj Kotian (visual identity, augmented reality)
  • Jan Blažek, Tomáš Nedvěd (supervision & account management)
  • Christian Jánský (logo, website)
  • Markéta Daňková (marketing)
  • Julius Filip (photography)
  • Jan Hubáček (video)
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