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5 Years – 5 Exhibitions

The Department of Visual Arts in Uherské Hradiště (UH) celebrated its fifth birthday in 2011. On this occasion, there were five exhibitions held at five different locations in UH. The exhibition consisted of The Visual Communications Studio projects (RGB), 3D Design Studio projects (XYZ), posters (CMYK), drawings (B&W) as well as photos (5x365) that have been taken over the last five years of institution's existence (mostly the photos from various parties). To commemorate the event, there was a limited edition of T-shirts with the main symbol designed. The highlight of the day was the video mapping our school building.

The idea behind the project was to create a symbol that would represent a five-year consistency of the two studios. And that's how a sort of the fifth symbolic dimension of the creation has arised.

  • Posters of exhibitions
  • RGB / The Visual Communications Studio projects
  • XYZ / 3D Design Studio projects
  • CMYK / Posters
  • B&W / Drawings
  • 5x365 / Photos
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