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Czech Creative Eggshibition

Fresh design talent from the Czech Republic hatched in London in the autumn of 2013, when czeggs came to Clerkenwell’s Frameless Gallery. For a compelling new exhibition,
a talented brood of young Czech designers revealed the work that could help make them tomorrow’s design stars.

The show (21st – 27th October 2013) featured graphic design, digital, photographic and 3D works, including clever stationery packaging, bold fashion imagery and innovative modular furniture. It also provided a platform for exciting motion graphics and animations that blend Eastern and Western European styles.

The designers showing at czeggs were all current or former students of the Czech Republic’s eminent creative institution, the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

Proudly incubating the students’ work was creative consultancy Little Greta. Founded by Faculty alumni, Little Greta maintains close links with the University so that it can provide hands-on experience for its students. They conceived czeggs as part of their commitment to nurture young Czech designers.

  • Juraj Kotian (multimedia, web)
  • Jakub Šabata, Lucie Mičková (marketing)
  • Petra Koutná, Adela Galbavá (graphic design)
  • Petr Daneš, Lucia Plevová (spatial design)
  • Vít Hašek (photography, video)
  • Veronika Szemlová (animation)
  • Michal Ščuglík (kinect)
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